How to Remove Backgrounds in PicsArt?

Ever wish you could magically isolate that cool product shot, a funny pet picture, or your latest selfie and place it on a totally different background? PicsArt makes this a breeze. Removing the background of an image opens up a world of creative possibilities, making your photos more dynamic and professional-looking.

Why Remove a Background?

  • Creative Freedom: Transport your subjects to exotic locations, eye-catching patterns, or even create fantastical composites.
  • E-commerce Boost: Clean backgrounds ensure your products are the star of the show, making them perfect for online listings.
  • Editing Gateway: Background removal paves the way for more advanced image manipulation techniques in photo editing apps.

Background Removal Made Easy by PicsArt

PicsArt Mod APK provides both an automated ‘Remove BG’ tool for quick results and a manual eraser for fine-tuning those tricky edges.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Upload Your Image:
    • Launch the PicsArt App: Find the PicsArt app on your phone or tablet, and tap to open it.
    • Start a New Edit: Tap the prominent purple plus ‘+’ sign in the center of the bottom menu. Select the option to ‘Upload’ and choose the image you want to work with.
  2. Automated Background Removal:
    • Locate the ‘Remove BG’ tool: With your image open in PicsArt, scroll through the bottom toolbar to find ‘Remove BG’. Tap it to activate the tool.
    • AI in Action: PicsArt’s clever AI will analyze your photo and automatically attempt to remove the background elements.
  3. Manual Refinement (if needed):
    • Access the ‘Draw’ Section: If the automated removal isn’t perfect, tap ‘Draw’ on the bottom toolbar.
    • Select the ‘Eraser’ tool: Find the eraser icon and adjust the brush size and opacity as needed for your specific image.
    • Fine-Tune the Edges: Carefully use the eraser on the image layer to clean up any remaining pieces of the old background.
  4. Get Creative:
    • Explore New Backgrounds: PicsArt offers a huge selection of backgrounds. Tap ‘Backgrounds’ to browse or upload your own.
    • Enhance with Effects and Stickers: Make your edit pop by adding eye-catching effects and fun stickers from PicsArt’s library.

Background removal isn’t just about making your photos prettier; it’s a key skill for anyone interested in image manipulation and digital design. Bloggers, social media stars, and small business owners all use this technique to create eye-catching visuals. Plus, a well-isolated subject makes other edits like color adjustments or realistic shadows much easier to achieve.

PicsArt gives you the power to elevate your photos with simple background removal. Experiment with a few of your images and see where this essential tool leads your creative journey!

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