PicsArt MOD APK v25.3.5 Download (Unlocked Premium) 2024

Welcome to our Picsart Mod APK download page. Picsart is a popular photo and video editing application for Android that provides powerful tools for editing images and creating drawings, collages, and graphic designs. The unlocked premium version of Picsart APK v25.3.5 removes ads and unlocks additional features like more filters, fonts, borders, and drawing tools. It allows saving edited images without a watermark. This 2024 version of the app likely builds on previous iterations with AI-powered editing capabilities and more advanced creative tools for mobile photo and video editing. Download Picsart Mod APK now and unlock all the premium features for free!

Picsart Mod Apk Info

Name Picsart Mod Apk
Photo/video editing
2 Hours Ago
PicsArt, Inc.
Play Store
Compatible with
Android 6.0 and up
MOD Features
Premium Unlocked/No Watermark + No Ads + AI
Github Repo

Unlock your creative potential with PicsArt Premium! 🎨 Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just dipping your brush into the digital canvas, our AI-powered toolkit is your gateway to limitless creativity. Edit photos and videos, explore a treasure trove of premium templates, fonts, and stickers, and unleash the magic of cutting-edge AI tools. Dive into the world of PicsArt Premium – where imagination knows no bounds! πŸŒŸπŸ“Έ

What is PicsArt?

PicsArt is more than just a photo editing app; it's a creative haven for anyone who wants to express themselves visually. Here's what you can do with PicsArt:

  • Edit photos and videos: Apply filters, adjust colors, add text and stickers, and use advanced editing tools like background removal and layer editing.
  • Create collages and design elements: Combine multiple photos into creative collages, use templates to design social media posts and flyers, or unleash your inner artist with drawing tools and brushes.
  • Join a vibrant community: Share your creations with the PicsArt community, discover inspiring content from others, and participate in challenges and contests.
  • Explore AI-powered creation: Use the AI image generator to turn your text into unique visuals, or let AI assist you with background removal and other editing tasks.

Whether you're a casual user looking to enhance your social media content or an aspiring artist wanting to explore your creative potential, PicsArt offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to bring your vision to life.

picsart premium mod apk
Picsart Mod App
Picsart Mod APK Premium

What is PicsArt Mod Apk?

PicsArt MOD APK is a modified version of the popular PicsArt Photo Editor app. This version unlocks all premium features, allowing users to enjoy a fully equipped photo editing experience without any restrictions. From exclusive filters and effects to advanced editing tools, PicsArt MOD APK provides a comprehensive suite of tools for both amateur and professional photo editors.

PicsArt v/s PicsArt Premium Mod Apk


  • Basic editing tools like crop, rotate, adjust, filters
  • Limited library of fonts, frames, and overlays
  • Photo grid maker with basic templates
  • Community feed and challenges
  • Watermark on saved edited images
  • Ads

PicsArt Mod Apk

  • All tools of Normal version
  • No ads
  • No watermark on saved images
  • More advanced editing tools (layers, curves, blends)
  • More fonts, frames, overlays, and templates
  • More draw, brush, text, and clipart tools
  • Customizable brushes and treats
  • Remove image background tool
  • Cloud storage for saving creations
  • Exclusive challenges and contests

The Mod Apk version of PicsArt provides a significantly expanded toolkit and additional capabilities for mobile photo editing compared to the normal version. It removes limiting factors like ads and watermarks, providing a seamless editing experience.

How to use PicsArt: Get Creative on-the-Go with PicsArt

Unleash your inner artist on your mobile device with PicsArt! Here's a quick guide to get you started:

  1. Download & Explore: Grab the PicsArt app from Tap the "+" button to choose photos/videos or explore existing templates.
  2. How to use PicsArt Mod Apk
  3. Edit & Enhance: Swipe through filters & effects to find your perfect look. Use the bottom menu for adjustments like brightness, contrast & saturation. Add text & stickers for a personalized touch.
  4. How to use PicsArt Mod Apk
  5. Get Creative: Create stunning collages with the "Collage" tool. Unleash your inner artist with brushes, pens & shapes. Use the "Cutout" tool to remove unwanted objects.
  6. Share & Save: Tap "Next" to save or share your masterpiece. Choose your desired format (JPG, PNG) and save it to your gallery. Share directly to your favorite social media platforms.
  7. How to use PicsArt Mod Apk
  8. Explore More: Join the "Community" tab for challenges, inspiration & connections. Consider upgrading to Premium (optional) for advanced features & ad-free experience.

Features of PicsArt Mod APK

The PicsArt Mod APK cracks open the vast capabilities of PicsArt by providing access to all the Gold subscriber-only tools. You get the advanced editing functions like layers, curves, and blend modes which open up tremendous control over the editing process. Specific adjustments can be applied to particular parts of an image while leaving other areas untouched.

Hundreds of customizable brushes, fonts, overlays, filters, and more are available for you to truly personalize your creations. Take your work to the next level with the premium assets that are included with the Mod APK.

Exclusive access

PicsArt Mod APK Features

in PicsArt Mod apk you get access to a vast library of premium stickers, fonts, templates, and backgrounds. Regularly updated collections ensure you always have fresh content at your fingertips.

Premium effects and filters

PicsArt Mod APK Features

You can explore a wider range of professional-grade filters and effects to add unique styles and enhance your visuals. And utilize a library of high-quality stock photos and video clips to incorporate into your creations, saving you time and effort.

Background and object removal

PicsArt Mod APK Features

In PicsArt Mod, you can effortlessly remove unwanted backgrounds and objects from your photos and videos with one-tap precision.

AI-powered tools

PicsArt Mod APK Features

Leverage the power of AI with features like AI Image Generator to turn text descriptions into unique visuals, AI Replace to remove objects from your photos with descriptions, and AI Enhance to automatically improve image quality.

Ad-free editing

PicsArt Mod APK Features

Enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted editing experience without any advertisements.

Faster export

PicsArt Mod APK Features

Export your edited creations in high resolution at faster speeds compared to the free version.

No Watermarks

PicsArt Mod APK Features

One of the most restrictive aspects of the free PicsArt app is the mandatory watermark applied to saved and exported images. This serves as constant advertising for the PicsArt brand. With the Mod APK, watermarks are completely removed allowing your creativity to shine. Your edited images and videos can be saved and shared without that ugly watermark getting in the way. The removal of watermarks is a major advantage that allows your unique projects to come to life unimpeded. Let your imagination run free and export your artwork without the annoyance of watermarks marring your creations.

Why PicsArt is One of the Best Creative Apps

There are several key reasons why PicsArt stands out as a premier creative editing platform:

Robust Toolset

PicsArt provides an unparalleled collection of editing tools all in one app. Tools range from essential adjustments like crop and rotate, to more advanced features like layers and cutouts. There are also 100s of effects, filters, fonts, templates and more for customizing your work.

Creative Community

The PicsArt community sets it apart from other editing apps. Users can share their own creations, get inspired by others' work, and even remix and edit photos together. Challenges and contests foster engagement with creative peers.

Cross-Platform Access

PicsArt is available across platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. This allows users to access their work and pick up editing on different devices. The ecosystem is unified through cloud syncing.

Intuitive Interface

Despite its deep toolset, PicsArt maintains an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Creative tools are easily accessible. Editing flows naturally between making adjustments, applying effects, and customizing with elements like text and stickers.

Continuous Evolution

PicsArt is continuously evolving by adding new trends, filters, stickers, animations, and more. Machine learning also enhances tools like cutouts. The development keeps PicsArt on the cutting edge.

With its professional-grade toolkit, engaged community, multi-platform access, usability, and continuous improvements, PicsArt provides an unparalleled platform for mobile photo and video editing.

How to Download and Install PicsArt Mod APK

Downloading and installing the PicsArt Mod APK is quick and easy. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the APK

First, you need to download the latest version of the PicsArt Mod APK file.

Download Now

Go to on your device and get the download started. Be sure to enable "Unknown Sources" in your Android settings to allow installing third-party APKs.

Step 2: Install the APK

Once downloaded, open the APK file on your device to trigger the installation process. Accept the prompt to install the PicsArt Mod APK.

Step 3: Sign Up and Login

Upon opening the app, you will need to sign up for a free PicsArt account if you don't already have one. Use your email or connect with Facebook or Google to create your account.

Step 4: Start Editing!

Now you are ready to enjoy all of the unlocked premium features for free! Import photos and videos to start editing with all the creative tools PicsArt offers.

And remember, always download the Mod APK from trusted sources like for a safe and smooth installation process. Get ready to unrestricted creative editing on PicsArt!

Pros and Cons of Using the PicsArt Mod APK

  • Unlocks all premium features for free - advanced tools, filters, fonts, stickers, templates, etc.
  • Removes watermarks on exported images and videos
  • No annoying ads for smooth editing experience
  • Provides access to millions of premium assets and content
  • Useful tools like background eraser and cutout functions
  • Creative capabilities like drawing, collages, typography
  • Participate in challenges and PicsArt community
  • Regular app updates with new features
  • Saves money compared to paid subscription
  • No Watermark
  • Unable to access cloud storage that comes with paid version
  • Lacks user support from PicsArt for mod version
FeaturePicsartPicsart Mod APK
CostFree with in-app purchasesFree (Mod APK)
Advanced FiltersLimitedUnlimited
Custom BrushesLimitedFull Access
Exclusive StickersLimitedFull Access
Premium FontsLimitedFull Access
High-Quality TemplatesLimitedFull Access
Ad-Free ExperienceNoYes
Unlimited AccessNoYes
Regular UpdatesYesYes

What Users are Saying (Testimonials)


"The PicsArt Mod APK opens up more filters, fonts, overlays, and other assets compared to the basic free editing app. It's a good option for enthusiasts who feel too limited by the standard toolset."

Jennifer Klein


"For frequent photo and video editors, the PicsArt APK can provide a lot of value by saving money compared to subscribing for premium access. The main features are unlocked for no cost."

David Robertson


"I find the background removal and cutout tools much easier to use in the PicsArt Mod APK than trying to manually isolate subjects on my own. It saves me lots of time and frustration."

Emily Smith


"The Mod APK version expands the drawing and artwork capabilities for aspiring digital artists. Customizable brushes, layers, and AI-powered tools allow more advanced digital creations."

Lucas Thompson


"For mobile editors looking to level up the styling of their images, the premium filters unlocked in the Mod APK deliver more polished, professional effects and finishes."

Andrew Philips


"Users who regularly create video content for social media and other platforms can benefit from the huge selection of unlocked templates, animations, and assets in the Mod APK."

Jessica Wu


"Collage makers obtain more creative control over their layouts and designs with the unlocked backgrounds, text tools, and layering functions only available in the Mod APK version."

Michael Rodriguez


"Unleashing the full typography and text formatting capabilities of PicsArt through the Mod APK is great for designers focused on stylizing text in their graphic work and social content."

Sarah Lewis


"Aspiring digital painters and artists gain access to customizable brush tools for refining their artistic process when using the unlocked features of the Mod APK."

Christopher Lee


"For creatives feeling limited by the free editing app, the PicsArt Mod APK can provide the full suite of tools needed to stop feeling restricted and start creating."

Ashley Miller


"As a professional photographer, I need robust tools to bring my creative visions to life. PicsArt MOD APK has been a game-changer for me. The unlocked premium features provide a vast array of options that allow me to fine-tune every detail of my photos. The ad-free experience is a bonus, letting me focus solely on my work without distractions."

Arun Sharma


"PicsArt MOD APK is my go-to app for creating eye-catching content for my social media platforms. The advanced editing tools and effects help me stand out from the crowd. The ability to access all premium features for free is a huge plus, saving me a lot of money. Highly recommend it to anyone serious about photo editing!"

Praksh Tiwari


"PicsArt MOD APK sets a new standard for photo editing apps. With its intuitive interface and powerful editing capabilities, it’s a top choice for users looking to enhance their photos. The ability to access all premium features for free makes it an unbeatable option in the market. Highly recommended for both amateurs and professionals."

Ayesha Khatun


"I love experimenting with different photo editing apps, and PicsArt MOD APK is by far the best I've used. The wide range of filters and effects is impressive, and the unlocked premium features give me the freedom to get as creative as I want. It's amazing how much you can do with this app without any limitations and all for free!"

Anirudh Singh

PicsArt Mod Apk Features Infographics

Final Words

Unlock the full creative potential of mobile photo and video editing with PicsArt Mod APK. It provides all the powerful tools you need - advanced editing features like layers and cutouts, limitless assets like fonts and stickers, AI-assisted drawing tools, and more. Take your edits to the next level with the premium filters and effects. Build stunning collages, stylize text, and create digital artwork. Participate in community challenges. Get rid of annoying ads and watermarks. The possibilities are endless with the PicsArt Mod APK. Stop being limited by the free version and start exploring premium features for free. Tap into the creative community. Develop your skills. And make amazing edits that wow your audience. If you're ready for unrestricted creative freedom, go ahead and download the PicsArt Mod APK right now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the PicsArt Mod APK?

The PicsArt Mod APK is a modified version of the PicsArt app that unlocks all premium features for free. It provides access to advanced editing tools, filters, fonts, stickers, templates, and more that are usually locked behind a paid subscription.

Is the Mod APK safe to download?

Yes, downloading the Mod APK is safe as long as you get it from trusted sources like Be wary of unknown sites and only download from reputable APK providers.

Do I need to root my device?

No rooting required! The PicsArt Mod APK can simply be installed on Android devices like any other APK file.

How do I install the Mod APK?

Download the latest APK file from, enable "Unknown Sources" in Settings, install the Mod APK, open PicsArt and sign up or log into your account. That's it!

Will I still get updates?

Yes, you can still update to the latest PicsArt version in the Play Store even when using the Mod APK from It won't affect the unlocked features.

Can I use Pro features for free?

Yes, the Mod APK unlocks access to all of PicsArt's premium 'Gold' tools and features completely for free.

Will I get banned for using the Mod APK?

You shouldn't get banned, but use the Mod from at your own discretion. Avoid sharing unlocked content.

Does it show ads?

No! The annoying ads are completely removed in the PicsArt Mod APK for smooth, uninterrupted editing.

Are there any downsides?

The only real downside is you can't access cloud sync or save to PicsArt's cloud storage with the Mod. Otherwise, it's premium features for free.

Is the Mod APK worth downloading?

Absolutely! For avoiding a paid Gold subscription and unlocking PicsArt's full editing toolbox, the Mod APK from is extremely valuable.

Why PicsArt MOD APK by APKFlames is Different from Others?

1. Reliable and Safe Downloads

At APKFlames, we prioritize your security. Each APK file is thoroughly tested for malware and viruses, ensuring a safe download experience. We understand the importance of protecting your device, so you can trust that our downloads are secure and reliable.

2. Up-to-Date Versions

We consistently update our APK files to provide you with the latest features and improvements. With PicsArt MOD APK by APKFlames, you’ll always have access to the most recent version, complete with new tools and enhancements as soon as they are released.

3. Comprehensive User Support

Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you with any questions or issues you might encounter. Whether you need help with the installation process or have inquiries about features, APKFlames provides comprehensive support to ensure a seamless user experience.

4. Detailed Installation Guides

We provide step-by-step installation guides to make the process as simple as possible. Our guides are written in clear, easy-to-understand language, so even if you’re new to installing APKs, you’ll find the process straightforward.

5. User Community and Reviews

APKFlames fosters a community of users who share their experiences and reviews. This feedback helps us improve our offerings and provides you with insights from fellow users. Our high aggregate rating reflects the satisfaction of our community.

6. No Hidden Costs

With APKFlames, what you see is what you get. PicsArt MOD APK is 100% free, with no hidden costs or in-app purchases. Enjoy all premium features without spending a single dollar, making it a cost-effective choice for all your photo editing needs.

7. Ad-Free Experience

Our MOD APK ensures an ad-free experience, allowing you to edit your photos without any interruptions. Focus on unleashing your creativity without being bothered by intrusive ads.

8. No Watermark

Enjoy editing your photos without the distraction of watermarks. PicsArt MOD APK by APKFlames offers a clean, professional editing environment.

9. No Backdoor

Security is our top priority. Our APKs are free from backdoors, ensuring your data and privacy are protected.

10. No Data Stealing

We respect your privacy. Our APKs do not engage in any form of data stealing, ensuring that your personal information remains secure.

11. All Features Unlocked

PicsArt MOD APK by APKFlames offers enhanced features not typically found in other versions. From exclusive filters and tools to unique customization options, our version is designed to give you the ultimate editing experience with all features unlocked.

12. Transparency

We believe in complete transparency with our users. Our practices and policies are clear, ensuring you know exactly what you're getting with each download.

Choosing PicsArt MOD APK by APKFlames means opting for quality, security, and exceptional user support. Download today and discover why our version is the preferred choice for photo editors around the globe.


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Rating: 5/5
Aggregate Rating: 4.9 based on 4309 votes
Software Name: PicsArt MOD APK
Operating System: Android/PC/iOS
Software Category: Photography/Video Player & Editors
Price: USD 0

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